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The Westonbirt Golf course, set within the historic grounds of Westonbirt School, was originally established in 1937. Its initial existence appeared precarious as the land upon which the course was situated was designated for WW2 food production. Fortunately, it was saved from extinction when the RAF set up its headquarters in the School grounds and a POW camp was built nearby. Since that time the course has gone from strength to strength with responsibility for its oversight always being vested in Westonbirt School, currently operated by the Wishford Group. It remains a focal point amongst the local and farming communities and continues to forge strong bonds of loyalty amongst its membership, both past and present.

It is often referred to as a ‘cradle to grave’ course in that many beginners have started at Westonbirt and then moved on to larger clubs. Equally, in the twilight of their golfing careers many have moved back to the club, enticed by the warmth and friendliness of our membership.

Enjoy the course, the beautiful trees and the peace and serenity that it engenders. Golfers of all ages and abilities are most welcome at Westonbirt.


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